Reintroducing the Log

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!

...I've switched from overly-awesome Space Channel 5 to equally-awesome Shadow Man references. It was time for a change.

Hey, but that's not what this log entry is about. Partially inspired by Jean-Luc Picard's Captain's Log, this piece of logging gold not only portrays the "New Adventures of Captain DC", but also features guest appearances from other members of the Dream Team. Every once in a while, the Deprogrammer and Dr.Eamcast will share their knowledge here, about Cracking and Hardware respectively.

The new and restylized log is basically a continuation of the old one (Bet you didn't see THAT one coming, eh?), but it's got a better structure and doesn't have the whole "shady" feeling the other log had. Naturally, I can't really take the shadiness out of the Deprogrammer, it's kind of his thing, y'know?

He's already been mentioned on numerous occasions, but I finally managed to recruit none other than the fabulous Doc Eamcast  for the Dream Team. Sure took a while to get him convinced, more on that in a later log entry, but now the old geezer has finally joined the party.

Well, looking at the current statistic (125 log entries, only #105 written down), there's a whole lot of stuff that needs to be done. First things first, the next entries will be about introducing the Dream Team, Dr. Eamcast as well me an'  the good old Deprogrammer fetching the stuff from the old log.

So, Ta-daaaaaaaa, the log is reintroduced.

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